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Site updated for September2014

Open Bid Home Value Estimate

What's your home worth? Really worth? Truth is, the first 3 weeks of a "home for sale" lifespan usually determine your top dollar. Overprice your home and you miss the critical 3-week window. You end up cutting your price to find a buyer. You lose money because of it. Underprice your home and you sell it fast, but you leave money on the table.

There's no magic in determining the value of a home. Just hard work. Banks do it every day before they write mortgages. And the mortgagable value of a home IS the value of a home.

If you would like an appraisal-style real estate estimate, we can prepare one for you. It is NOT an appraisal. By law, we cannot call it that. But, if a real estate appraiser were to perform an appraisal on your home, the result would probably be startlingly similar to the one we send to you. Send us an e-mail with the word VALUE as the subject and the address of your home. We will contact you within 48 hours.
















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