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The first home we ever sold on Open Bid was in Broward County, Florida, in December of 1995. The single-family at 12648 NW 18th Street in Coral Springs never actually went through the process, because someone purchased it before the event. They bought it to prevent the event from occuring. The buyers paid several percentage points above the appraised value of the home in order to stop the Open Bid.

The same thing happened again in Frenchman's Creek, in northern Palm Beach County. Someone put a contract on a multi-million dollar home on the condition that it be taken "off" the Open Bid block.

Most of the events we hold, however, conclude with round robin bidding at 4:45 pm on a Sunday afternoon.

We have sold millions of dollars worth of homes this way. The first year we did it, we sold 18 residences, mostly in Palm Beach County.

Some statistics:
Average marketing dollars per home: $5,403.77
Average sign-ins per home: 138 people
Average number of bids per sold home: 3.67 bids
Percentage bought above appraised value: 22%

It works. It's fast. If you want to sell your home in a weekend, without the inconvenience of constant home showings, for top dollar, consider an Open Bid Event.

To set up an appointment, phone us right now. Pass your cursor over the photo below for the phone number.

Real Estate Open Bid Phone Number

If you want to sell your home on Open Bid, commission-free, click on the banner immediately below:

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